How do I make more pH electrode storage solution?

I need more storage solution for my PASCO pH electrodes

  Affected Products:

  • PS-3204 Wireless pH Sensor

  • PS-2102 PASPORT pH Sensor

  • PS-2170/PS-2172 PASPORT Chemistry Sensor/Advanced Chemistry Sensor

  • PS-2169/PS-2230 PASPORT Water Quality/Advanced Water Quality Sensor
  • PS-2573 Replacement pH Electrode


PASCO Solution: Mix your own pH storage solution

Mix a solution consisting of equal parts 4M Potassium Chloride (KCl) and pH 4 buffer solution. KCl is a common salt which may be obtained from most chemical suppliers.

You may store the pH electrode indefinitely in this solution, but for long term storage, we recommend storing the electrode dry. Please see KB 25: pH electrode maintenance for more details.

PASCO Solution: Purchase Storage Solution

You can also purchase pH storage solution as pH storage solution SC-3507.

Date Created: 11/13/2019
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