Replacement for CI-6527 Type sensors

How can I get data into my interface or computer that I used to use the CI-6527 sensor?

While we no longer make this sensor, it is still possible to use some other currently sold sensors to get data into your interface and software.  Using the CI-6605A, you can unplug the stainless steel temperature probe (PS-2153 portion), and insert the plug that would have gone into the top socket of the CI-6527A.  Another option, if you are able to use PASPORT or wireless sensors, the PS-3222 Wireless Temperature Link can receive the 3.5 mm plug that would have gone into the top of the CI-6527A.  This sensor requires the use of a BT 4.0 type connection.  The following link can help determine if your system and software are able to receive signal from this sensor. 

Below is a table of the PASPORT sensors that can receive the 3.5 mm stereo thermistor plug.

At the bottom of this article is a list of the interfaces that can directly receive this inputs from the 3.5 mm stereo plug.  

Sensors that can receive 3.5 mm thermistor input plug

Product NumberLink to ProductDescription
PS-2125PS-2125PASPORT Temperature Sns
PS-2140PS-2140PAS Temp/Sound Level/
PS-2143PS-2143PASPORT Quad Temp
PS-2146PS-2146PAS Absolute Pressure/
PS-2157PS-2157PASPORT Temp Array
PS-2168PS-2168PAS General Science Sns
PS-2170PS-2170PASPORT Chemistry Sensor
PS-2172PS-2172PAS Adv Chemistry Sns
PS-2230PS-2230PASPORT Adv. Water

Interfaces that Can Receive 3.5 mm Thermistor Plug

Product NumberLink to ProductDescription
PS-2002PS-2002Xplorer GLX
PS-2011PS-2011SPARKlink Air
PS-3600PS-3600SPARK LXi Datalogger

Date Created: 03/03/2020
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