Updating SPARKvue on the SPARK LX and SPARK LXi

How to update SPARKvue through the Google Play store on the SPARK LX and LXi. If you find that you cannot update SPARKvue on your LX or LXi through the PASCO store, it is possible to update SPARKvue using the Google Play store with the instructions within this Knowledge Base Article.


  1. Unlock the instructor screen using the LXi or LX password.  If you have lost the paper with this password on it, please contact Technical Support at support@pasco.com or by chat at pasco.com.

  2. Turn on the Google Play Store.

  3. Open the Google Play Store (requires a Google account) and download the SPARKvue update.

  4. Turn off the Google Play Store and lock the instructor screen again.

  5. Remove the Google Account from the device

    1. Goto Settings.

    2. Tap on Cloud and Accounts.

    3. Tap on Accounts

    4. Tap on Google

    5. Tap on the menu (3 vertical dots on the upper right) and choose Remove account.

    6. Confirm by tapping on REMOVE ACCOUNT.


Date Created: 06/01/2020
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